String     Art    workshop

Have you seen all of the beautiful string art all over Pinterest?

Have you wanted to try this new trend for yourself?

String art is an amazing all ages workshop where you can make the perfect gift or addition to your home decor.

So Crafty will provide all of the materials and even do the nailing for you so all you have to do is show up and string your piece.

We’ll even teach you different techniques for stringing your piece so that you can get the most unique possible piece.



Every Palm Beach County day off school (excluding some religious holidays), So Crafty is proud to host drop off arts and craft camps for kids ages 5-13.

Our day will be filled with different crafts, games and a  fun environment to foster creativity.

No artistic experience required.

If your children loved summer camp @ So Crafty, this is the perfect way for them to have that summer camp experience throughout the year.

Campers will need to bring their own lunches but snacks will be provided.

All day camps run 9:30 am to 3:30 pm with early drop off and late pick up possible.


Fused   glass   workshops

We host a variety of different introduction workshops working with fused glass throughout the year from pendants to Christmas ornaments to ring dishes!

These workshops are perfect for both the novice and the experienced artist looking for something new to try.

Each workshop will be an open format, so just come by on the day of and we will prepare all of your materials, be on site to help you and fire the pieces for you when you are done.

Give yourself about 45 minutes to an hour to learn and create your piece. Then we will take care of the clean up and all you have to do is come back a week later to pick up your creation.

Be on the lookout in our calendar throughout the year to try your hand at fused glass.

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Kid’s Night Out @ So Crafty is an amazing experience for children as well as parents. Drop your kids off for a night of fun here at the studio playing games and creating cool crafts with their friends while you have a kid free night!

This is a great way for your children to make new friends as well. A large part of our games are cooperative and confidence building.

Your kids will love a night where they can just be silly, creative and hang out with friends!


Mommy     and     me

Does your little one love to draw, paint glue, cut or create? If you answered yes to any of these activities, then join us at So Crafty for Mommy and Me arts and craft classes.

Designed for 2-4 year-olds, our workshops will have your child exploring their creativity in a safe and exciting environment though planned arts and crafts activities.

Our knowledgeable staff knows that the secret to great creativity is learning at a young age. Each of our activities is designed to educate, inspire and thrill your child.

These fun techniques that they will learn will help your child express themselves while improving their fine motor skills at the same time.

Each child must be accompanied by a parent, nanny, grandparent or other designated care giver who is ready for some creative fun too!


Kids    with    clay

Clay is an awesome, tactile medium that many children have never experienced,.

It’s three dimensional nature forces them to think about structure and form as well as coming up with creative solutions.

Our workshops will be two part with the first session focused on creation and techniques with the clay and the second session will be focused on finishing techniques with paint and glaze.

This workshop will not include creating food-safe pieces. We will instead be creating useful pieces that can be used for a variety of purposes.

This workshop will up to an hour and a half as we want everyone to be comfortable and take the time that they need.


crafting    with    seniors


So Crafty specializes in finding unique crafts that anyone can create and make their own. In our senior workshops you will be able to:

-Explore glass, glass fusing, leather tooling, mask decorating and more…

-Socialize together while you create.

-Use your imagination in ways that you never thought possible.

-Create fun memories.


We strive to make each workshop unique and interesting though no matter what you will create, it will:

-Give you a sense of choice and control.

-Build your self-esteem.

-Inspire your spontaneity.

-Stimulate your memory.

-Enrich your relationships.

-Give you a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Arts and crafts lowers the risk of developing memory problems.

A new study from researchers at the Mayo Clinic looked at the benefits of a number of activities in middle and old age and found that engaging in a creative hobby helped reduce the risk of dementia and preserve memory.

The study was published in the April 8 online edition of the journal Neurology. www.neurology.org/content/84/18/1854.abstract

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