Artist Biography

Growing up in France and spending her adolescence traveling the world playing golf for the French team, Caroline always had a passion for working with mediums that allowed her to express her creativity while relaxing her mind.

While traveling in the USA, she discovered patchwork. She really enjoyed creating her own designs and choosing the combination of colors. Her other hobbies were needlepoint and creating jewelry with Swarovski crystals.

In Italy, She fell in love with Murano glass but never had the opportunity to learn about glass in France.

In 2004 she moved to Palm Beach Florida with her husband Thomas and her three kids: Gregoire, Juliette, and Charlotte. She stopped all of her hobbies when she moved to Florida as her family needed to settle into their new adventure.

She started doing a great deal of volunteering at her children’s schools. She really enjoyed spending time with the students and seeing the big smiles on their faces every time they were creating. It reminded her of her own creative adolescent.

In 2014, She founded “So Crafty”. A place where adults and children can make their unique fused glass pieces and kids can create all different sorts of crafts.


Artist Statement

Fused glass is a unique and interesting art form.

I’m fascinated by the number of ways that you can manipulate the glass, allowing for endless creative possibilities. I find the technical process of cutting and shaping the glass to be addictive.

I am constantly challenging myself to improve my techniques and understanding of glass. I only use Bullseye Glass, a high-quality glass made in Portland, Oregon.

I like to create pieces combining wood and various glass types: powders, stringers, frit, and dichroic glass. Inspiration often comes from the glass itself.

I love the transparency and brilliance of glass, the suspense of opening the kiln.

I really enjoy creating functional pieces and I love the thought of my art becoming a part of someone’s life. It’s an hour to be a part of creating a piece.

I invite you to take a look at my work. I hope it will give you as much pleasure to look at as it gives me to create these one of a kind pieces.

Click on the image below to see a gallery of some of my work!

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